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Atlante Export is a commercial venture aimed to promoting the marketing of niche Italian products for foreign countries.

In order to overcome the barriers that often prevent our most authentic culinary tradition of crossing borders, Atlante Export collects the products of different Italians manufacturers in a basket, ensuring the variety to buyers , in addition to compliance with minimum volumes for the economic sustainability of shipments.

The Consorzio Atlante, owner of Atlante Export project, collects Italian manufacturing companies, composing and managing a basket of products that maintain the original labeling and therefore references to companies.

This aspect is very important in order to respect the identity of the producer , bringing him in the world , as well as to ensure that purchasers of the Italian product.

The aggregation of companies in a single point of contact for shoppers, the Consorzio Atlante, involves taking upon himself of any formality, fulfillment of legal? and required requirements, relieving any charges from the associated companies .


Guarantee Made in Italy : from the Italian producer to your table by a controlled supply chain for your food safety